Portal site for Sustainable City @Development in Kansai, Japan

The Global Environment Forum-KANSAI(GEF-K) which comprises business corporations, local government agencies, academicians and local citizens, is a body established to address global environmental challenges through workshop discussions, research and policy recommendations. It also aimed to raise environmental awareness locally and globally especially in the Asian region through various activities.  

GEF-K has
created and maintained a web portal for Kansaifs Sustainable City Development. Kansai is a region located in the center of Japan and is made up of many big cities like Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Sakai. The purpose of this portal is to disseminate information of the environmental policies in Kansaifs leading cities and related business sectorfs state-of-the-art projects and technologies to all interested audiences especially the Asian city policy makers and business people. It is intended to promote green growth and eventually attain the sustainable development goals(SDGs).

information and data contained in this portal represent only some of the examples of sustainable development policies in Kansai and they are by no means exhaustive. Interested audiences are advised to evaluate their relevance and applicability based on their own judgement and discretion.

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